What is a variable electricity price?

A variable electricity price changes according to market conditions based on supply, demand, fuel and production costs.

Your electricity bill reflects the current market prices, so the price per kWh can vary from month to month or even from hour to hour.

A variable electricity price can be lower when the price of electricity decreases, but higher when it increases.

It can be attractive to take advantage of lower prices during periods of low demand or declining market prices, but it also involves some risk and requires adjustments to your consumption.

Please note that a variable electricity price can be more volatile and less predictable than a fixed electricity price.

Your electricity bill can vary significantly, making it more difficult to plan your budget accurately.

Some electricity suppliers offer hybrid or flexible pricing that combines fixed and variable elements to provide some protection against price fluctuations and the opportunity to benefit from lower market prices.

Read more: https://elbot.ai/artikler/elpriser/hvad-er-en-variabel-elpris/

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