What are the disadvantages of a fixed electricity price?

The disadvantages of a fixed electricity price include:

  1. Lack of flexibility: A fixed electricity price can prevent you from taking advantage of market price drops since you still pay the same fixed price even if the market price decreases.
  2. Potentially more expensive: If the market price falls below the fixed price, you could end up paying more as you are paying a premium for security and predictability.
  3. Contract period: A fixed electricity price is usually tied to a contract period, and it can be difficult or expensive to change or terminate the agreement even if your needs or market conditions change.
  4. Limited choice of green energy: A fixed electricity price can limit your options to choose electricity suppliers or plans that offer advantageous prices for green energy.

It is important to carefully consider both the advantages and disadvantages of a fixed electricity price and assess what best suits your individual needs, including risk tolerance, budget, and expectations for electricity price developments.

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