Where do I find the selection of fixed electricity prices?

You can use the comparison service provided by the The Danish Utility Regulator at www.elpris.dk to find fixed electricity prices:

  1. Go to the website www.elpris.dk.
  2. Use the search function or the filter to enter your criteria and select "fixed price" or "fixed-price agreements".
  3. Enter your relevant information such as postal code and electricity consumption.
  4. Click "Search" to find fixed electricity prices.
  5. You will be presented with a list of different electricity suppliers and their fixed-price agreements, including details such as price per kWh, contract period, and fees.
  6. Compare the prices and terms to find the best fixed electricity price for your needs and budget.
  7. Once you have selected a price, you can enter into the agreement directly on the website or contact the electricity supplier to complete the process.

Please note that the process may vary, so always follow the instructions on the website for the most up-to-date information on fixed electricity prices.

Read more: https://elbot.ai/articles/elpriser/hvad-er-en-fast-pris-elpris/

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