How does flexible billing affect my electricity bill?

Flexible billing can affect your electricity bill in various ways depending on your electricity agreement and your electricity consumption. Here are some general ways it can impact your bill:

  1. Hour-based prices: The electricity price changes throughout the day based on supply and demand. If you can shift your electricity consumption to periods with lower prices, you can potentially save money.
  2. Price information: With flexible billing, you gain access to information about hourly prices, allowing you to adjust your consumption and avoid high prices.
  3. Smart appliances and management: Flexible billing can motivate you to use smart appliances and management systems that optimize your electricity consumption based on the prices.

The effect of flexible billing on your electricity bill depends on your consumption patterns, your ability to adjust your electricity usage, and the specific prices and incentives available in your area.

It's a good idea to obtain specific information on how flexible billing will impact your electricity bill in your particular situation.

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